I'm Shanalee Hampton. I grew up in Chicago where I eschewed arts & crafts, much to my mother's disappointment. I was frequently told I had an attitude problem and that I wasn't living up to my full potential. I did like to take pictures and write silly stories, though.

In 2003, I discovered that I had actually picked up a skill or two from my self-sabotaged craft attempts growing up and began making mixed media art to some degree of success. But, I got bored and moved on.

Cookoorikoo was born in late 2006, when I was inspired by the endless possibilities of the humble fabric yoyo. I made jewelry and hair accessories with silk and cotton yoyos, vintage repurposed items and a bit of grandma chic. I got bored with that, too.

Over the summer of 2013, I began selling embroidered hoop art in my online shop. Embroidery had been my go to craft for gifts for years, since learning how to embroider as a small child, hating it, and then later discovering a real love for it. I'm concentrating on embroidery for now and assume that because I am making whatever I feel like I won't get bored.

Words are never boring to me. I am finishing up a Young Adult trilogy, starting a new blog, working on another novel and scribbling ideas down all the time. I hope to someday live up to the full potential all my English and Writing teachers saw in me. 

I live in Portland, OR with my husband, Shawn (aka Shampton Mononymous.) I enjoy horror movies, baking pies, tap dancing, talking to plants, and planning adventures. I ask everyone what their favorite word is. I still take pictures and no longer have an attitude problem.