Thread Love

I spend a lot of time looking at embroidery. Sometimes I do it when I should be embroidering At least once a day, I scroll through Pinterest and Tumblr gawking at the wildly varied embroidery styles and techniques out there. Sometimes it makes me feel like a hack. Most of the time, I find it inspiring and it pushes me to do better, to try new things, to challenge myself.

I've had a tab open for months that I keep going back to again and again. I recently showed it to Shawn and he said it couldn't possibly be more me. This embroidery checks a lot of my boxes. Pretty ladies? Check. Dancing pretty ladies? Check. Lots of colors? Check. Embroidery on unconventional materials? Check. They are done by an artist named Jose Romussi and all of his work is amazing but these are my favorites.

I mean, seriously. They make my heart sing.