Making Art to Keep It Together

There's a book my husband read a couple of years ago, Zen Guitar, that we quote a lot. "When things fall apart, make art. Carry this spirit through to every area of your life." On November 9, he and I sat together all day. I stitched and he played guitar and we didn't know what else to do. At some point he looked at me and said, "When things fall apart..." It's what we do to remind each other what we need to do. 

Since then, I've thrown myself completely into embroidery. It is all I've been able to do. I made angry things. I made funny things. I made things that made me feel better and hearing that what I made has helped other people feel better has helped more than anything. 

"But Shana, I don't/can't make art." Well, I bet you do or could. Check out this flow chart.

Still not convinced? Fine, you don't make art. Then buy art. Art from local artists. Art from artist/activists on Instagram. Go to see bands, see plays. Go laugh at some comedians at a local club. Drop some money in a street musician's case. Support all the things that Trump doesn't care about, the things that actually help make America great, so they don't go away.  

Today, Trump became president. Tomorrow, I march. Then, there's art to be made.