Like, crazy inspirational*

Over the past year, I've made and sold a lot of art and I've had a lot of questions from people buying my art about my vast output and staying inspired in 2017. It's a complicated question because I find inspiration everywhere: the art on the streets in my neighborhood, my friends who continue to get out of bed and be awesome every single day, a random video I watched that I haven't been able to shake out of my brain, someone's outfit in the grocery store... there is no easy answer. It's a long and ever changing list. I want to share some of the things that helped me get through 2017, as well as things that are inspiring me now. My goal is to post weekly. Wish me luck.

In 2013, I read John Green's The Fault in our Stars. I ugly cried through almost the entire book and it, no joke, made me want to be a better person. I set out to learn a little more about John Green, the person. Turns out he's a stellar human. Turns out he wrote another book I loved. Turns out he'd been making videos with his brother, Hank, since 2007. Turns out I quite like them. I could tell tell you all the reasons why but really, it's easier to watch.

This is one of my favorites from when I first started watching. I seem to watch it about once a year and each time I love it more. Because perspective.

So, because the internet is an embarrassment of riches, until this past year I was not a regular viewer. I loved their videos and would catch up from time to time but didn't miss them if I missed them. 2017 required near constant doses of sanity and hope and so we regularly watched while eating breakfast. This is a playlist of my favorites from the year.

And then there's this woman, who i couldn't possibly love more.

Happy 2018! Let's do this!

*Like John in the On Motivation video, I wonder when I became this person.