Kids these days

I didn't mean to disappear for a month but the news was crazy and life was crazy and here we are. The Parkland shooting happened and honestly, my brain and heart broke. I'm so tired but I'm especially tired of guns. Why does this keep happening?

Something different happened this time though. First, David Hogg, a seventeen year old student at MSDHS, was interviewing other students during and after the shooting about gun control. Then, on CNN he called out lawmakers, reminding them that they're the adults; they need to do something.


We also met Emma Gonzalez, the eighteen year old who has become a vocal advocate for gun control since the shooting. She's a clear eyed, eloquent bad ass.


Seventeen and eighteen. I had my head up my ass when I was that age. They make me feel a little like I've had my head up my ass since I was that age. They're inspiring me to do better. We all need to do better.